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Navneet Kalra did nothing wrong

Navneet Kalra is probably one of India’s most hated men at the moment. A businessman and restaurateur, who owns multiple restaurants like the famous Khan Chacha in Delhi, he is currently the target of a manhunt by the Delhi Police. A few days ago, his restaurants were raided by the police, who found a large stockpile of Oxygen Concentrators.

Leave the vaccine companies alone!

What are you going to do when there is a third wave and the existing vaccines don't work, or if there is a new virus? and if they make a new vaccine for it, then do you want SII to wait for six months before they make it, because everyone wants to squeeze every single penny from their margins and not give them enough cash to finance future expansion/scale?

SII took a massive risk by starting manufacture of lakhs of vaccines even before there was any proof of their effectiveness. This was a massive gamble.