Leave the vaccine companies alone!

Leave the vaccine companies alone!

What are you going to do when there is a third wave and the existing vaccines don't work, or if there is a new virus? and if they make a new vaccine for it, then do you want SII to wait for six months before they make it, because everyone wants to squeeze every single penny from their margins and not give them enough cash to finance future expansion/scale?

SII took a massive risk by starting manufacture of lakhs of vaccines even before there was any proof of their effectiveness. This was a massive gamble.

Now people are crying about SII's pricing of 600 to private hospitals. Do you even calculate how much tax money you pay everyday to the govt. 600 is the tax the govt takes from you for a full tank of petrol for your bike. if you ordered 4000 worth of products on amazon that's the tax you paid the government.

You want SII to make a lot of profits so they can make a ton of these gambles in future. Not normal profits, but MASSIVE profits. Same with other vaccine companies too. When there is a crisis, you want as much supply in as short a time.

If you don't have that, you know what happens. Take a look around as people are dying in thousands. had we done a faster vaccination and had a surplus of vaccines, thousands of lives would have been saved.

Save your commie outrage for something else. Let these vaccine companies thrive or you'll be the one who will pay the price in the future. As long as this mindset doesn't change in India, there is really no hope...